3 Mistakes Homeowners Make Before Moving

Moving can be hectic, if you make some mistakes. No matter how you approach it, transporting your life from one home to another can be a huge operation that comes with neatly packed boxes with a side of stress and disarray. 

With sufficient preparation and premeditation, moving homes can become simpler than you thought. In order to avert costly moving mistakes, here is a list of three common moving errors and how you can avoid them as closing day approaches!

Ask for Help 

Maybe you’re busy or perhaps you’ve just neglected to prepare the moving day plans. Whatever the situation, not asking for support is an all too common moving mistake and can cost you loads of time and energy.

Amy’s Advice:

You are on the right track already by reading this blog post! As soon as you’ve finished, give your friends, family, or a moving service a call/text and ask them to help you with the move. Make sure to provide them a heads up, with a time/date, and make sure to include some form of compensation (pizza, your favorite adult beverage, etc. are great choices!)

Donate Unused Items

Neglecting to purge before your move will cause you to load items you do not need — and may set you up for collecting more belongings at your new home.

Amy’s Advice:

Purge relentlessly! BONUS: You can prepare for this before you list your home. Declutter the duplicates and any items that seldom see the light of day. (You can even host a garage sale to help bring in funds for the moving assistants.) This will also make packing easier for you!

Cancel & Transition Utility Providers

You don’t want to still have your payment set up when new tenants move into your old place. You also want utilities in your new home, but connecting with any utility companies and alerting them of your move is one that many people neglect.

Amy’s Advice:

Call up the utility providers and notify them of your upcoming move. Tell them to forward the bill from your last month in your home to your new address and make sure that you call ahead to guarantee utility setup in your new home.

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